Company name


Company type Limited responsibility company
Registration number 44103067040
Industry (NACE) Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits (11.01)
Manufacture of wine from grape (11.02)
Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines (11.03)
Manufacture of other non-distilled fermented beverages (11.04)
Manufacture of beer (11.05)
Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled waters (11.07)
Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating (47.11)
Other retail sale in non-specialised stores (47.19)
Retail sale of beverages in specialised stores (47.25)
Retail sale via stalls and markets of food, beverages and tobacco products (47.81)
Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods (47.89)
Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet (47.91)
Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets (47.99)
Turnover 35,367 EUR
Profit -16 EUR
Address Cēsu nov., Cēsis, Rīgas iela 17A, LV-4101
Phone +371 26300072
E-mail protected email address

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