Food industry in Latvia

Food processing is one of Latvia’s oldest and most important industries. Combining the natural products of one of Europe’s cleanest environments with modern manufacturing technologies enables us to produce delicious, safe, and healthy foods. Our food processing companies have developed and upgraded their production facilities to guarntee that our food products are of a high, stable quality. Their safety is ensured by international standards such as ISO, HACCP, IFS, and BRC, as well as eco- and bio-certificates. Latvia’s government, in cooperation with the European Union, makes sure that all quality standards are met and consumers can enjoy safe, tasty and highest quality products.

19% of Latvia’s territory is arable land. Most ingredients are locally grown, which means our companies can easily track quality from field to table. Our eastern neighbours have always considered Latvia a part of Western Europe, whereas western countries see us as an entry point to eastern markets, which means our culture has been influenced by both points of the compass. This truly helps us understand both cultures and cuisines, and we are proud that these diverse influences are present in our high-quality products.

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