Company name


Company type Limited responsibility company
Registration number 40103124370
Industry (NACE) Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled waters (11.07)
Wholesale of beverages (46.34)
Turnover 2,896,056 EUR
Profit 1,432,680 EUR
Certificates Management system certificate, No 111239-2012-AFSMS-LVA-FINAS, has been found to conform to the Food Safety Management System standard: ISO 22000:2005;
Certificate of conformity, No P-213S/1,
This cerlificate certifies that
- product: Natural mineral water "Zaķumuiža", Carbonated natural mineral water "Zaķumuiža"
(source No 14801; packed: PET bottles; PC bottles)
- process of manufacture of natural mineral water "Zaķumuiža" (underground deposit,"Zaķumuiža avots"; source No 14801)
Address Rīga, Šmerļa iela 2, LV-1006
Phone +371 67545309
E-mail protected email address

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